New white 30″ swinging screen door Newbury Park installation in garage.

We installed a new white 30″ swinging screen door Newbury Park area today. Our customer had a very nice garage and did want the cross breeze to come thru so they ordered a swinging screen door. Also they like keeping that door open to let the dogs look out to the street without them being able to get out. Swinging Sceen doors in any part of the house are a great way to keep the house cool while saving money on your energy cost. Call us direct at 805 304-6778





8′ sliding screen door Rescreen Newbury Park

Econo Screens mobile services and specializes in screen door Rescreen Newbury Park repairs. We also service all parts of this city as well as surrounding areas. Do you have holes in you sliding screen doors? Do you have bent frames? Call us for sliding screen door Rescreen Newbury Park installs and repairs. Marcelo (805) 304-6778



Installation of pet door Newbury Park

Pet door Newbury Park installation for small pets to go through the sliding screen door. Some of our customers like to be able to enjoy their screen doors without having to get up and open them to let their pet out. Our pet doors installations in the city of Newbury Park can help with this exact service and product. We come to you home and do it right on the spot!! Call me Marcelo at (805) 304-6778 today for your free estimate. IMG_0458-0.JPG




French Doors Rescreened with Pet Screen in Newbury Park

Newbury park Pet screen install today for a lady who had two double French swinging white screen doors. Her golden retriever dog had ripped her screen mesh originally installed on the screen doors had holes everywhere. She called us because she herd about our new heavy duty pet proof pet screen that we offer , install and guarantee. We came down to Newbury park and rescreened the screen doors with pet screen and she like them instantly.




Before Pet Screen                        After Re-Screening with Pet Screen