Thousand Oaks Screen Doors Mobile Repair Shop

Thousand Oaks screen doors mobile repair and replacement service that specializes in screen doors, rescreening and pet doors. We give quotes in person or over the phone and all are free. Repair is our specialty, if your screens can be fixed we will save you the extra expense in replacing them. We have a complete mobile shop that we drive to your home for your convenience and most jobs are done on the spot. Call us today! (805) 304-6778


Thousand Oaks Screen Door Repair Service

Thousand Oaks screen door repair service that comes to you for all types of screen repair and replacement. Everything from sliding screen doors that are virtually un breakable to Rescreening existing screens with all kinds of quality screen mesh materials like, pet screen, ultra clear screen and standard fiberglass.

Swinging screen doors are also one of out top seller and we install them perfect! You will not have any craftsmanship issues with their doors , even of you go in and out 100 times a day. Kids, pets or careless visitors? No problem. Call us for a free quote over the phone or in person. We have been around for over 20 years making and doing Thousand Oaks screen doors and repairs. (805) 304-6778


New white 30″ swinging screen door Newbury Park installation in garage.

We installed a new white 30″ swinging screen door Newbury Park area today. Our customer had a very nice garage and did want the cross breeze to come thru so they ordered a swinging screen door. Also they like keeping that door open to let the dogs look out to the street without them being able to get out. Swinging Sceen doors in any part of the house are a great way to keep the house cool while saving money on your energy cost. Call us direct at 805 304-6778





Screen Doors Woodland Hills

Screen doors Woodland Hills complete mobile repair service that proudly comes to your home for all your custom screen door repairs and replacement. Econo Screens is one of San Fernando’s oldest patio screen door services without the high prices and poor corporate attention. We are still family owned and operated, with reasonable pricing and only the highest quality materials. We offer a specialized service with all our labor guaranteed!  With over 20 years in the field we are the best!

  • Screen doors Woodland Hills
  • Sliding screen doors
  • Custom screen doors
  • Replacement screens
  • Pet screens
  • Dog guards
  • Swinging screen doors
  • Retractable screens

Screen Doors Woodland Hills







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Sliding Screen Doors Calabasas

Sliding screen doors Calabasas repair Mobile service. Are you having problems with the way your screens slide?  Are you getting flies in your home due to the holes in your screens? Econo Screens complete mobile screen shop comes to you for all your screen needs. We specialize on screen door frames, rollers, new custom patio doors screens, pet screen and dog doors too.  We are family owned and operated and are one of the only licensed and bonded companies still working the San Fernando Valley with over 20 years!

  • Sliding Screen Doors Calabasas
  • Patio screen door repair
  • Sliding screen door replacement
  • Replacement screens
  • Pet Screen Doors
  • Pet resistant screens

sliding screen doors calabasas









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