French door swinging screen door replacement in Simi Valley

IMG_8281.JPGToday we replaced another French style  swinging screen door in Simi Valley. The client called us because their front screen door had enough and they wanted it gone!  Econo screens mobile screen door repair and replacement solutions and services is licensed and specialized in ONLY screen work.  Our family owned company has been servicing satisfied customers since “1993”.  We are pros in this field.

If you are frustrated with your screen door in Simi Valley ,please don’t hesitate to give us a call for your free estimate and screen evaluation.  We can tell you your options on the and give you a price in writing on the spot!  Our mobile number is (805) 304-6778.



Simi Valley screen door repair and replacement mobile service

Simi Valley screen door repair and replacement mobile service that is local to you! You are just a phone call away from a free screen door estimate in Simi Valley. Are your screen doors and window screens in bad shape, ripped, torn, broken, bent, cracked plastic corners or just plain missing? You found a professional licensed economical solution that comes right to you!


We also offer screen pet doors on new or existing screen doors


A sliding screen door is a door that is used a lot and need to work properly. If you are struggling with it every time you want to head out to you patio then you have got a problem and we can fix it permanently. Please keep in mind we repair and replace. We only use the longest lasting sliding screen doors and have been installing them in Simi Valley since 1993. Licensed and bonded you know you will deal with pro with 20 years in the mobile screen repair service. Contact us for a free estimate. 805 304-6778

Simi Valley screen doors rescreened with new heavy duty phifer pet screen

Simi Valley screen doors rescreened onsite with standard or heavy duty pet proof phifer pet screen on the spot!  Not only for you convenience but to save you time and money.  for cutomers in Simi Valley screen door rescreening may sound like a simply job but when it comes to the thickness and firmness of the heavy duty animal resistant pet screen you may have to consider giving it up or taking on a big big learning curve.

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Rescreening sliding screen doors with pet screen is a very smart way to go when needing to repair screen doors. Its 7 times stronger than standard-regular window screen mesh and last a very very long time, it does cost more but once you get this installed properly you will not have holes, tears or rips on you screen door for years and years to come. It is well worth the cost.

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Simi Valley Screen Door Job With and Extra Pet Door Installed as well as Pet Screen

Econo Screen can fix existing screen doors, upgrade them or just replace screen doors all together with or without the heavy duty pet screen mesh or pet doors.  If damaged mesh is your screen doors concern then rescreening is what you will probable need. If you frame on the patio slider is tweaked , bent or cracked then replacing the screen door might be whats needed in that case.

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We are a complete mobile screen repair service that is prompt, experienced for over 19+ years, professional and licensed that will come out for jobs in Simi Valley screen doors repairs weather they are big jobs or small, because we are local and small enough to not have the overhead of larger less experiences mobile screen companies. Most services out there that repair screens have to take on everything from window washing to rain gutter cleaning to keep there overhead paid.  Call Simi’s Best, Local and specialized, Our name says it all! Econo Screens 808 304-6778
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All You Need to Know About Sliding Screen Doors Simi Valley

All You Need to Know About Sliding Screen Doors in Simi Valley

Professional Installations of Screen Doors Simi Valley Area

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Incorporating sliding screen doors Simi Valley would definitely add charm and enhance your home decor. Previously, these types of doors were rather bulky and unattractive. However, these days, they are available in an array of designs, which would appeal to your taste and sensibilities. Additionally, they are more durable, safe and energy efficient when used on the exterior. Here are a few things that you need to know about sliding doors before you invest in them.

Benefits Modern sliding doors have been there for centuries and the main advantage of having these kinds of doors is that they are a more attractive alternative to conventional doors. Apart from that, these doors don’t waste any space in your home and can save up to ten times the space that would have been taken up by a traditional door. You could use the saved space for incorporating a closet or furniture. Additionally, you wouldn’t have to worry about the door slamming due to the wind nor would you have to open it, you’d just need to slide it. Apart from that, this is a perfect option of a physically impaired person, as it would prove more easy access than a swinging door. You could also have a wider door than that of the traditional kind. This would allow the wheelchair to pass comfortably without any obstruction.
The Frame

When you look at the frame from the perspective of a builder, they are easier to work with as they are bigger. This would ease the load that has to be borne by the door hinges. However, older sliding screen doors Simi Valley were predominantly made out of aluminium and when exposed to cold, their sides would bend. But, these days these doors are available in a range of materials that include fibre glass, wood, and vinyl clad wood. Frames made out of fibreglass could be manufactured to appear like wood and they wouldn’t crack or warp like wood. The insulation value of plain wood could be increased by injecting insulating foam in it. This would make the doors more sturdy and more weather proof.

Panel Construction

The large exterior sliding Screen doors Simi Valley may have large glass surfaces. But, they could be inefficient. This problem can be countered by glazing the door with energy efficient glazing. You could get the doors dual paned windows or dual glazed windows or a combination of both that have low E coating and that are filled with gas. This wouldn’t just make the sliding doors attractive it would be cost effective and more energy efficient.

Modern Sliding Screen Doors Simi Valley

The technology to produce sliding doors has evolved over the years. These days you can find these doors which have a 90 degree angle bent. You would be able to find doors, which you can lift and slide, that provide a watertight and airtight seal.

These are just a few aspects, which you should be aware of, of sliding doors. In essence, they are not just user friendly they are cost effective as they are energy efficient. However, it is essential to place them in an ideal location so that you would be able to extract the maximum of benefits they have to offer.