Installing heavy duty 1″ white window screen frames in Malibu

Today we are installing new window screens in Malibu for a client that want red a better, more long lasting 1″ frame.


We use new white metal hardware to hold them in place. You can see the difference in the stronger window screens we make.


20130823-132153.jpgthis is the window before

20130823-132404.jpgthis after a new window screen was installed.


20130823-133612.jpg we make all screen on the spot for the best fit and your convenience. Making screens right is not easy, you need the to measure correct or they will be to big or small.


Tan window screen job in Malibu before the rain

malibu tan color window screen job

Tan window screens installed in Malibu California today in a beautiful home. The house was older but very well taken care of and the window screens were non-existant.  It seems that they were missing from this home for a while.

We specialize in this type of custom work. We are professional, reliable and fully mobile for any window screen replacement job in Malibu or any of the near by cities.

When working with old wood double hung window like the one on this particular home, you need to have experience in window screen installation and measuring. Properties in these areas settle with time and no windows are perfectly square so we measure right and the results are screens that fit, last and are able to taken in and out whenever needed. Give us a call for your free quote today! 805 304-6778